микротвердомер НаноСкан-HV

Micro-hardness tester «NanoScan-HV»

Vickers micro-hardness tester
with automatic probe and specimen positioning is designed for Vickers hardness measurements according
to GOST R ISO 6507-1-2007
Available hardness measurement methods: Vickers, Knoop
The hardness tester is equipped with software based on at least Windows 8.1 OS, which allows to control the instrument using the built-in electronic unit of the PC
Automatic load control
NanoScan-HV —
universal hardness tester with manual test height adjustment

Technical Specifications


Semi-automatic microhardness tester for measuring microhardness of various materials. Measurement of microhardness in automated and manual modes under medium loads to investigate the depth and degree of overlap (modification) of surface layers of parts for optimization of technological processes of machining.
  • XY motorized positioner 160x100 mm with positioning accuracy ± 10 µm
  • Integrated vibration isolating supports
  • Motorized Z-feed microscope with focus function
  • Vickers type indenter in "NanoScan- HV" holder
  • Geometry: tetrahedral Vickers pyramid
  • Manual 5-way turret
  • Lens set: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
  • Automatic detection of print boundaries on various surfaces using machine vision algorithms
  • Load range: 50 g - 30 kg.
  • Automated indentation detection
  • Hardness measurements on Vickers scales according to GOST R ISO 6507-1-2007. Automatic hardness measurement by automatic recognition and measurement of print diagonals
  • Control electronics unit with a personal computer based on Intel Core i5 processor, RAM 16GB, HDD 1Tb.
  • Operating system not lower than Windows 8/10.
  • Pre-installed software for controlling the operation of the instrument and performing hardness measurements.
Optical microscope
Support frame
Hardness tester module


The software implements the following functions:
Ability to remeasure print diagonals manually or after re-focusing the image
Saving measurements with all settings and values in favorites as templates for later use
Automatic focus adjustment for any sample of arbitrary dimensions with a plane-parallel surface
Statistical data processing, construction of graphs, tables and transfer of information to external media or to a local network
Manual focus adjustment via the hardness tester control software
Automatic export of measurement results in PDF, CSV formats
Automatic hardness measurement by automatically recognizing and measuring print diagonals
Automatic load monitoring with integrated force sensor
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