Installation and commissioning, commissioning of equipment.
An additional service for our customers is free daily telephone support. At any time service specialists are ready to answer your call and give advice on any technical questions you may have.
We supply microhardness and nanohardness testers in a short time. We provide a full cycle of service and technical support of supplied devices
Training staff to work with the equipment.
Equipment warranty service for the entire warranty period. All devices supplied by us are covered by a warranty period of at least 12 months. Any troubleshooting work and replacement of spare parts subject to warranty are free of charge.
Post-warranty maintenance and repair of equipment.
Primary and periodic verification of measuring instruments.
Supply of spare parts and consumables.

Microhardness and nanohardness testers. Custom measurements

Our regular practice is to conduct demonstration studies on customer samples. Based on the results of such studies you can understand how the chosen configuration of the NanoScan nanohardometer is suitable for your tasks and meets your expectations.
Visiting the laboratories of FSBSI TISNCM, you can get acquainted with NanoScan nano-hardness meters, learn more about their features and technical characteristics.
We sincerely care that the nanohardness meters of the NanoScan family solve the assigned tasks with the most optimally selected set of methods.
In addition, we accept orders for single and periodic measurements, research and development work.

Modernization / adaptation

On our website you can find the latest developed methods and modes of instrument operation, new measurement algorithms and sample test protocols.
We offer services for retrofitting existing equipment, installing additional equipment, and replacing software.
To make the technique or mode you are interested in available on your instrument, contact us and we will suggest the best options for its implementation.
If necessary, the measurement techniques (methods) we develop are metrologically certified for subsequent inclusion in the State Register of measurement techniques, which allows their further use for research in the field of state metrological supervision and performance of responsible measurements with a known error.
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